Falling: How to Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Falling How to Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Did you know that falling is the Number One cause of injury in older adults? Falls are the most common injury among people over 65 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These falls are the leading cause for non-fatal and fatal injuries, with over three million people treated each year in emergency rooms due to falling. One in four older adults will fall at least once this year. And if you fall, one in five falls can cause serious injury such as a broken bone or head injury.
At Silvercare Healthcare, we have a team of professionals who are available to help evaluate your risk of falling and help you prevent falls. And, if you have suffered an injury due to a fall, the Everest Rehabilitation Services team is here to help you recover from your injury.

What puts me at risk for falling?

• Being over age 60
• Weakness
• History of prior falls
• Visual impairments
• Chronic conditions, such as dementia, arthritis or Parkinson’s disease
• Gait or balance issues
• Urinary incontinence
• Taking multiple medications, particularly medications for anxiety and chronic pain
• Improper use of assistive devices
• Home hazards
• Poor footwear

Can I prevent a fall?

• You can reduce your risk of falls with the following tips:
• Consult with a health care provider for a fall risk assessment and to learn more about what you can do to prevent falls
• Do strength and balance exercises
• Consult with a physical or occupational therapist for specific recommendations for fall prevention exercises
• Have your vision checked once a year
• Remove or secure items you can trip over, like rugs, clutter or cords
• Make sure your home has good lighting
• Install grab bars in the bathroom
• Put railings on both sides of indoor and outdoor steps
• Be mindful of pets and the risk they pose for falling
• Wear supportive, nonslip footwear
• Use an appropriate assistive device, such as a cane or walker
• Wear an alarm device in case you fall and cannot get up

Who Can I Talk to About a Fear of Falling?

Experiencing a fall can lead to injury, loss of independence and even fear. Studies show a fear of falling may make people less active and wary of doing their normal activities. This could be even more harmful as it may make you weaker and actually increase your risk of falling.

If you are worried about falling, talk with the experts at Silvercare Healthcare. We have programs available that can help you live a stronger and healthier life.