PA Program to Ease the Financial Burden of Caregiving

PA Program to Ease the Financial Burden of Caregiving

Pennsylvania offers an innovative Medicaid waiver program that can lessen the financial burden of family caregiving. Through this program, family members may be eligible to get compensated to provide hands-on support to loved ones.

The most common program that pays loved ones for caregiving is a Medicaid option program known as Medicaid Waivers. These Waivers are also referred to Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers, 1915(c) Waivers, or even Section 1115 Waivers. Waivers, under broad federal guidelines, allow states to pay for certain support and care services for persons that reside outside of long term care facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living.

In most cases, they pay for personal care (which is care that provides direct assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, getting dressed, and transferring) plus household services offered for older adults or disabled individuals that live in their own homes or the homes of loved ones or family members.

Your first step is to start with a phone call to the Pennsylvania enrollment broker.

An Independent Enrollment Broker is contracted by the state of Pennsylvania. They are an intermediary that facilitates enrollment and eligibility for CHC. This is for interested individuals that are seeking services under the Community HealthChoices Pennsylvania waiver programs. Referred to as the PA IEB, they can be reached at 877-550-4227 during normal business hours.