Why is Social Interaction Important for Older Adults?

Social Interaction Important for Older Adults

Did you know that chronic loneliness affects more than 8 million seniors in the United States? For seniors, lack of social interaction is considered as much of a health risk than smoking or obesity. This risk can be mitigated, however. Studies show that increased socialization may lead to as much as a 50% decrease in the incidence of diseases such as dementia and other serious medical conditions. Given these statistics, it is important for seniors to participate in social activities like those offered at Silvercare Adult Daycare.

How Can I Help Someone Get Social Interaction and Avoid Senior Social Isolation?

If someone you know is living alone, they need to take steps to find purpose and do things that matter to them, whether it is volunteering, becoming more involved at church, exercising or finding light work. Making friends and meeting new people are essential to people regardless of their age. Given all the benefits of socialization for seniors, take time to encourage this person to try some of the activities above. Additionally, there are a variety of resources for older adults to help them stay socially active including senior centers, adult day programs like the one offered at Silvercare Adult Daycare, and places of worship.

When a senior cannot drive anymore, there is a variety of transportation options you can help them take advantage of including, but not limited to, taxis, rideshare programs and public transportation. At Silvercare Adult Daycare, we offer transportation for those who qualify.

A senior living community helps older adults see the importance of social interaction by building a daily routine. Plus, senior living residents meet with each other regularly for events and meals. Because of the proximity of people with similar ages and life experiences, it is easy to discover common interests and hobbies – prompting new friendships.

Get Peace of Mind with Adult Daycare Services

At Silvercare Adult Daycare, we offer therapeutic, recreational activities and hobbies in a caring and supportive environment, nutritional hot meals and snacks, licensed caregivers and a social worker, medication management and physical therapy on-site if needed. Transportation is also available for those who qualify. Contact us for more information.